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Phone sex has become stale, adult webcam chat is the future! Our erotic chat is more than just intimate conversation.


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Camster doesn’t share a lot of details about their webcam models. This means the girls you chat with on their site often blur into one. They also tend to lack variety, so you’ll find a lot of models who look the same.

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With, you’re sure to find women from all over the globe, who come in all shapes and sizes. And thanks to our superior catalogue system, that special someone will be easy to find. We even have a ‘themed’ feature so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Camsters lackluster catalogue also makes it difficult for you to find the niche and naughty kind of girls you’re looking for. If you have specific kinks, and want to chat with a model who can offer that, you’ll have a hard-time finding it on Camster. But on Flirtymania.Plus our gorgeous models will do what it takes to satisfy your every desire.

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Camster puts a lot of emphasis on nudity and graphic sex provided by you as a model. While you’re welcome to get as dirty as you like when you’re a camgirl for, you never have to get naked if you don’t want to. That’s right!

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Camster also offers limited payment withdrawal options for international models. Non-US models can only access their earnings through three banking types: Dwolla, Payoneer and CMB. With our models can access all of our available payment types regardless of the country they reside in. These include ISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, SEPA, and Bitsafe.

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With you also have the option of talking with men from all over the world. If you don’t speak English, or another international language, don’t worry. Our in -built translation services mean that you can send and receive messages that will automatically be translated to the viewers preferred language. This really maximises the amount of viewers you’ll have on your webcam shows.

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There are many girls working on our site who don’t run sex shows, and sometimes never remove a single item of clothing. As long as you’re communicating with the customer, and keeping them entertained, that’s not a problem for us.

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Camster doesn't give you an ability to place your stories about sex — but we do!


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There’s another unique feature offers that Camster is currently lacking. That is our erotic storytelling feature. You are able to craft your own erotic stories for our site, and then use as a platform for your adult fantasies.

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Few other sites offer you the ability to make money while not only keeping your clothes on, but not even appearing on camera.

Premium content pays you $0.04 per 100 views on your story. It’s an extra way to incentivise your talents, and share them with the world. Not only that, but every time a viewer finds our site and signs up through your blog or stories, you’ll receive 30% of what they pay to join.

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