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Phone sex has become stale, adult webcam chat is the future! Our erotic chat is more than just intimate conversation.


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The first thing that needs to be said about LuckyCrush is that it is moreso a blind dating site than an adult chat room. You are paired with a random person from somewhere in the world to video chat with. While it can be used for sex chat with online strangers, that isn’t it’s primary purpose. For that reason it is already not ideal if you’re looking to engage in adult video chat with attractive women.

Adult Games offers 1000s of gorgeous models from around the world who are available to video chat with you. This can range from friendly conversation all the way to erotic sex chat and video streaming. In this way it offers much more variety than LuckyCrush.

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With LuckyCrush your profile is totally anonymous. You can’t share information or find it directly through profiles. This means you can’t seek out the same women. With you can regularly buy chat time with the models of your choice.

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Like LuckyCrush we give you wide opportunites to demonstrate yourself


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If you’re an attractive woman looking for an opportunity to make money through a lucrative adult chat site, LuckyCrush is not the best choice for you. There are no money-making opportunities for men or women on this site.

Earn money on donuts on the other hand, is one of the best chat sites to start webcam modeling with. Our models make anywhere between $300-1000 per week, and can chat through your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can be paid for every viewer on your stream, as well as for views on separately posted photos and videos.

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What's more, if you’re an up-and-coming social media influencer with more than 5000 followers on any major platform, your earnings through will be doubled.

Place your photos

It is free to register and for random chat videos only. There’s no official channel to generate revenue through LuckyCrush, so you won’t get much out of it as an aspiring webcam model.

Become an erotic storyteller

LuckyCrush doesn't give you an ability to place your stories about sex — but we do!


We pay for readers also offers a unique service that is very unusual amongst most adult web chat sites. This is the erotic storytelling feature, where members can share their written sex stories with other members.

Full collaboration

LuckyCrush has no comparable features and can’t compete in this respect. It’s entire function is simply random video calls, so there is little to no opportunity for erotic storytelling through this platform.

Premium content

This erotic storytelling feature is so appealing because not only provides a platform for you to share your steamiest stories, but it pays you for them. For every 100 views you get on a published story, you’ll be paid $0.04. You even have the opportunity to write higher-paying content for premium members.

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