Anna's Peaches

Anna left the cash register where she worked. Well, there was a free minute, she thought, even if I walked-aired. Anna was a blonde with a good figure, she was dressed in tight black pants, high boots and a white blouse.

She walked along the corridor and then her gaze came across a chair of a slightly strange appearance. What else is this, surprised Anna? Going closer, she read the inscription on the armchair. Massager to tone and relieve fatigue. Yes, this is what I need now, I’ll try it.

And lounging in an armchair, Anna heard the voice of the program. I'm starting a massage. Hands extended from the chair and began to massage her shoulders. An instant smile appeared on Anna's face, oh, yes, go on, as I feel good. And then those hands tear her blouse in one sharp movement. Anna showed a black bra, and her 3rd breasts shook like jelly.

The girl got out of her chair with horror, but immediately several more arms came out to grab her and began to tear off her pants, exposing her ass in brown tights. The blouse flies in pieces with a girl shaking with fear, her pink nipples, with which she has already fed her daughter, are becoming more visible, the crack of a torn bra and Anna's chest continues to shake. Anna calls for help but no one is in the offices.

Now they tear the remnants of her pants and the same fate befell her pantyhose. Then Anna felt that her lower leg was blowing her feet, which means her boots were also removed from her. Then she hears the crackle of her black panties and feels a tearing fabric sliding over her pubis.

Please stop, I’ll do everything from and to, just enough, lose weight, I’ll wash the floors instead of a cleaner, get married, dye my hair, pump up my breasts with silicone, give up drinking and smoking even though I don’t drink or smoke, I’ll start build airplanes, paint a picture of Jaconda’s smile, play the role of the dark knight in a movie, I won’t throw rubbish past the urn,

I’ll become a vegetarian, I will conquer the North Pole, I will save a child from a burning house, I will learn to cross-stitch, I will return Alaska, I will go out to the ring with Tyson, I will win a million in the lottery, I will destroy Sauron’s ring, I will fly into space, I will catch criminals, I will learn to sing operas, I will fight for the rights of people around the world, grazing cows, catching radio waves, repairing vacuum cleaners, playing the button accordion, driving trolleybuses, nodding, multiplying the multiplier, carrying the flag, teaching the illiterate, watering the fields, learning German, stirring your ears. And thousands more promises.

Panties were torn and Anna's thighs stirred. A shaking and frightened girl was held by several hands, she could not escape. I beg, Anna ached piteously, I will give you all the savings, just let go. Apparently the girl did not understand that the car couldn’t let her go like that, saying more, well, of course, dear, go.

A detail resembling a male member came out of the chair, and not every peasant has such a huge one. Anna was stunned by what she saw, her eyes bulged, and a member of a mass of white masses fly into it from her, as it were. Both breasts and stomach in this substance, the girl is all red, now she is also ashamed of the fact that she is scary.

She was deployed backwards, also an action. She is lubricated both from the back and from the front, while pawing her breasts and buttocks, and after slapping them slightly. Ah, ah, ah. Anna cried out from the sensations. Then they began to smear it in the perineum. Just not there, I can’t stand it now, I can leak, oh no! Anna raised her blue beautiful eyes to the ceiling.

I’m strong, why is this happening to me, I can’t overcome excitement, the female hormones are stronger than me, I’m completely naked, I’m weak, slave, no, even slaves can resist, I’m a doll, only you can remove everything from the doll in a row and put in any position. Excitement is getting stronger, Anna began to think about her daughter to distract from hormones. She is still a young mommy, taking her in a stroller, the sky is clouds. This cloud is so much like a member ...

A slippery cobweb appeared on the hands of her pussy that was pawing.

Anna covers her pussy and sits on her lap, shining from what she was smeared with.

The session is over, would you like to continue, she heard from the chair? Nooo !!! She ran shaking her thighs with her breasts. Leaving the building, she ran naked to the car without looking at nudity. And then I realized that she would drive the car, the keys to the car in her bag, the bag at the cash register, and the cash desk was about that ill-fated chair. She immediately remembered how those hands were pawing her and she ran to the house so, looking at the passers-by.

Having reached the courtyard where she lived.

Entrance, apartment door and she is at home. Now just be what. She slips and hurts the closet from which her porn collection falls, unmarried women also need this.

The front door opened, her daughter entered the apartment with her classmates, and when she saw her mother naked and smeared with lotion, she stood up and opened her mouth, her classmates, too, especially the guys who were also lying on the floor, porn discs were suggestive. Hello, Anna told them all, and then she covered her interesting places.

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