Several days ago I came to full with my work, so she came home exhausted and I just want to sleep. Today I took the afternoon off to accommodate my house a little. At one point I went to the room to store clothes and I could feel my neighbor groaning.

My room is next to my neighbors, a young couple. I have seen her rarely, I cross him every day and the truth every time I hear how she screams with pleasure, I am very curious to know what he is like in bed. The way you hear it, anyone would knock on your door, asking to join.

And today, as always, I heard her. At that moment I began to think that it was enough I did not groan like that. I realized I hadn't masturbated in almost two weeks.

I kept cleaning up, putting everything together and when I finally finished I went to shower. As I was washing my body, I began to feel my vagina contract. It's like she's already asking me to touch her. But I was so exhausted, I just wanted to relax and shower.

After I dry out, look for my clothes. I put on a pink thong, and the top of the bikini, it's one of those triangle-shaped, black ones. I finally put on a jean, but no T-shirt and threw myself into bed with my cell phone. While goofing around on the internet, I began to subtly caress myself with the tips of my fingers in the space between my breasts. I could immediately notice my nipples rising and my vagina contracting once more.

I kept running my fingers down my abdomen, and then my tits over my bikini. I started moving my hip to the rhythm of the contraction of my sex and I could already feel my thong a little wet. I unbuttoned my pants and put a hand in. I ran my middle finger through my slit and I was able to check my humidity. It wasn't five minutes since I started stroking my body and it was already very wet. I definitely needed satisfaction.

So I didn't keep waiting any longer. I put pressure on my clitoris and it felt really good. I moved my finger in circles and a moan slipped out. Add one more finger, I covered my clitoris with my fingers, pressed it and began to move them back and forth with speed. My God! How rich that was. I couldn't stop moaning. How I missed that feeling!! With my other hand I grabbed the back of the bed, arched my back to be in position and stuck those fingers inside of me. I kept moving them fast. I was in dire need of sex, and that was the closest thing I could get to that moment.

He couldn't stop touching me. My fingers passed from the inside of my vagina to my clitoris, to my mouth and again to my sex. My other hand ran all over my body, my breasts, my tail. I would squeeze my buttocks, play with them and go back to my tits. Every second that passed I was more excited, I felt that I would never reach the climax. Or it was gonna take me a while to get here. And I don't care, I just wanted to keep touching myself.

I completely took off my jean and my thong. I took the pillow and got on it. I began to move slowly so that I could feel good as my sex rubbed with the pillow, and with each movement I turned more on. My movements were increasing in speed as was my breathing. A couple of moans came out of my mouth and some "Oh yes, so yes" tales too.

I opened my eyes, and as always inspected around me to see what I could get into my vagina. Grab my deodorant, the one I always use. Although this time I did something different, I put a pair of stockings to make it thicker and better shaped, above the stockings I put a condom and I was ready to get into me and of course my shell was more than ready to have it inside.

I lay on my back again and put it in. I was still wet of course, but as I was abrupt, I couldn't help but scream. It was a little painful, but from that pain you feel rich. So already with the deodorant in my shell, I kept giving pleasure to my clitoris.

I felt my whole body tense with pleasure. He kept moaning. I would put the deodorant in and out of me until I felt like I couldn't take it anymore and when I knew it was about to end I would stop. I'd catch my breath and masturbate again. I did that a couple of times until I couldn't do it anymore. I left the deodorant in and touched my clit like crazy to get to the climax. I kept moaning and when I finally exploded into an orgasm I screamed.

I lay there for a moment, catching my breath. I took the deodorant out of my vagina. I left it on my light table. I got my thong, I put it on and I went to throw on the couch.

While I was looking for something to watch on TV, I wondered what the neighbors would think when they heard me scream like that, knowing I was alone.

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