The quest for liberation continues

Divorce produced a range of emotions and behaviors that was quite unexpected. I missed having a traditional nuclear family, a lot. On the positive side, my relationship with my kids improved a great deal. They grounded me, and I spent as much time with them as possible. I had bought a house on Lake Travis where they each had their bedroom and more than enough clothing at our home. I got them every other weekend and every Wednesday, when I had them overnight. In addition, I had them full time in the summer.

That’s not to say they didn’t understand what was going on with me. My twelve-year-old (going on fifty) told me I was a forty-year-old adolescent. I suppose I should have been angry, but she had a point. My seven-year-old was just an easy-going perfect little daughter. I tried keeping my adult life separate but didn’t do too well in that department. They met my first girlfriend one weekend at the marina, where I kept my boat when she showed up while we were having lunch at the cantina.

Melanie was thirty and worked as a dancer at one of the gentlemen’s club (okay, a stripper) in Austin. About five minutes after joining us for lunch it was obvious how well the three of them got along. After lunch, we went back to Shenanigans, my boat, and took her out for an overnight cruise. We swam in the warm lake water, laughed our asses off (I had no real idea why), grilled NY strips for dinner, and watched a movie while Melanie and I drank some wine.

We dated off and on for two years and she remained very close with my daughters.

The relationship she and I had was a very physical one that I enjoyed a great deal. The next time I invited her for an overnight cruise was one to remember. We rafted up with a few other boats in a secluded cove, and it didn’t take long for things to get a bit wild. Melanie was wearing a skimpy thong bikini that closely resembled dental floss and, once she lost her top, she was sexier than naked. Sitting on a couch in the bow of the boat she slowly started to caress me all over. I was only wearing cargo shorts sans underwear, so I didn’t have a lot of clothing to lose before I was naked. She teased me to no end by feeling my cock, licking my balls, and socking it to me with passionate kisses that I still remember after twenty-two years! Finally, she slipped my cock into her mouth and I was a very happy camper.

When you have several boats rafted together, people tend to jump from boat to boat. One of those boats belonged to Brian, my attorney, who had the slip next to mine. His twenty-two-year-old girlfriend, Helen, bounced onto the bow section of Shenanigans, and saw my cock completely swallowed by Melanie. Helen slid her tongue into my mouth, kissing me for a very long time. We finally came up for air and I locked eyes with her. That look of lust in a woman’s eyes is just incredible.

I quietly said, “If you’re sure that Brian is okay with this, I sure would like for you to lose that bikini.” Two minutes later, the three of us were now bare ass naked. Helen swooped down to share my cock with Melanie. After a few minutes, I just exploded, and they shared my cum. Then things started to get really hot.

As it turns out, Helen was a bit more interested in pussy than cock that night. I suggested we retire to the cabin where we could have a little privacy, and a lot more room to play. The women were off and into the master stateroom in a nanosecond. The idea of two women is probably every man’s fantasy, and here it was about to unfold in front of my very eyes. What they don’t tell you in fantasy school though, is that it won’t be all about you! Those two ladies were locked in a deep passionate embrace, and I was a bit unsure how to proceed. In a few minutes, they switched to a 69 position and there was something for me. As Helen licked Melanie’s clit, I slowly slid my penis into her and began some very sensual lovemaking. Every once in awhile, Helen would lick my cock as it moved out of Melanie’s pussy which was so erotic. At the same time, it seemed that Melanie was making a five-course meal of Helen’s pussy.

Around that time, I heard Brian jump onto the bow. In a minute or so, he was in the main cabin looking at Helen’s ass, which was laying out on the side of the bed making her quite vulnerable. He looked around with a wicked smile on his face taking in what had been going on. I reached into the port cabinet, grabbed the KY and tossed it to him. I could only imagine what Helen was feeling as Brian slowly worked his cock into her luscious ass. She had her boyfriend’s cock in her ass, Melanie was running her tongue all over her pussy, and she was licking my dick as I slid in and out of Melanie. In a short amount of time, Helen came, and it was incredible. To this day I’ve still not seen a woman be so consumed with lust and shake with such orgasmic release while yelling an entire string of obscenities.

We all took a break after that explosion and I opened a bottle of Robert Mondavi 1978 cabernet special reserve that I had been keeping for a special occasion and this certainly fit the bill. The four of us laid in bed with me enjoying just holding Melanie tightly in my arms.

In between sips of wine, Helen kept saying, “We should go to Anchovies.” I’d never heard of a place with that name and both she and Brian explained that it was a hot nightclub, almost at the northeast city limits. I kept thinking pizza. At the time it didn’t register that it was a swinger’s club. Here I was with three other naked people in my bed, and it didn’t click that we were being invited to try a lot more than what had gone on so far tonight. Duh!

That was the limit of any group sex that night, but we remained nude the rest of the night finally getting to sleep a little past dawn. We stayed in that cove another night, and it appeared that we had started something, no one wore swimsuits for the next twenty-four hours. People kissing, fucking, making love all over a raft of about six boats. At one time, I thought about how much this reminded me of a couple of scenes in the movie Caligula.

Melanie and I rode the high that evening produced for around a month. Helen brought up Anchovies a few more times, but I kept thinking it was too far to go just for some club. Yeah, I know, hindsight.

We never discussed being exclusive, so I continued to enjoy myself whenever with whomever I liked. I was still travelling a lot and, unlike when I was married, I actually started to enjoy it. I had a girlfriend in Phoenix, one in San Jose, and got to visit Thailand quarterly. Yup, the forty-five-year-old adolescent label fit. My next story will be about my social life in Phoenix.

I took Melanie along on a family trip to Disney World and we had a blast. She was a short woman, around 5’2”, but she had these huge breast implants that really made her stand out. There were other uses for those pretty breasts, and I enjoyed them. It seemed like at least once a day my cock was rubbing in between those massive mounds, with warm scented oil poured all over our appropriate parts. She opened her mouth wide when it was clear that I was about to come. We succeeded in getting her a mouthful the third night we were there. That’s when I got exposed to something new yet again. After her mouth received a nice about of jizz, she swung me over and gave me a big kiss.

I just assumed she had swallowed but was really surprised when her tongue brought some of my own cum into my mouth. My head was spinning a bit, not sure what to think, but damn, it was erotic! The surprise of it made for a long, slow, deep kiss. Once again it was the act that was so hot.

I could go on and on about this lovely woman who remained a part of my life until 2005. I think I’ll refrain from writing more about her for now though. I have a few more wonderful women that I was privileged to enjoy over the next few years, so I think I’ll write about them in the next few stories. I may need to come back to her somewhere along the line.

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