Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up as a model?

In order to earn money in our chat rooms, you do not need a special account. Just start broadcasting, collecting viewers, and receiving coins.

How do I register as an agency?

Create accounts for each model and let them broadcast as regular users.

How many accounts can I have?

Just one. Multiple accounts per user are not allowed. Please make sure you are only using one account on all your devices to avoid being flagged for multiple accounts.

Is it necessary to be a professional model?

Modeling experience isn’t necessary to broadcast and earn money with us. Being friendly and self-confident are the only requirements.

Is nudity required?

Not at all. You can simply chat with your viewers or keep them entertained with other shows that do not contain any erotic subtext. Many of our models do it that way! Just keep your audience engaged and do not leave your webcam for prolonged periods of time when a broadcast is live.

Are there any rules and restrictions for broadcasts?

Aestheticlly-pleasing erotic broadcasts are welcome: women in nice clothing, at home, with good lighting and internet.

Communicate with the audience. Be affable.

Light fetishism is quite acceptable.

A zoom view of only genitalia is not welcome. Viewers prefer to see all of you.

There is no direct prohibition on the use of toys, but we suggest that you leave the most explicit scenes for a private communication.

Penetration scenes are strictly prohibited in the general chat.

Categorically prohibited activity on the camera includes sexual deviation (hardcore BDSM, zoophilia, pedophilia, etc.), the propaganda of suicide, and drug use.

Both models and viewers must be over 18 years old.

What language should I speak?

It depends on your immediate viewership. Start with English; it is the most common language among our users. You could later try to teach someone a phrase or two in your native language if they are interested.

Why do I see the «wave your hand» sign? Am I doing something wrong?

You aren’t doing anything wrong. We insist on having unique content and this simple wave ensures that our models are not using bots, replays, and other 3rd party recordings.

What if I was banned?

Contact our technical support team. You might be asked to more clearly define what your broadcast is about or to prove your age by sending ID.

All requests from models are transferred to the VIP service and are addressed as quickly as possible. Requests are handled in the order they are received but delays can occur during times of high call volume.

Contact Flirtymania+ Support.

Can I only work in live mode?

Record your own broadcast to make money even when you are not in the chat room. Switch the recording on in the main menu. Recorded broadcasts can be found in your chat room.

How do I attract viewers to my broadcast?

Try out different tactics. Keep the mystery: don’t show everything all at once, and engage your audience. Write broadcast descriptions that will attract new viewers and invite them directly via the general chat. Top broadcasts continue to grow through word of mouth and positive feedback from other viewers.

How do I start earning money?

When you collect enough viewers (100 or more), the paid broadcast function automatically turns on. At first, all broadcasts are free for the viewers, but you will still receive coins and viewers can send you additonal gifts.

Models are not allowed to advertise third-party resources, invite users, or use third-party payment methods during paid broadcasts.

How much can I earn?

The more viewers your broadcast has, the more you get paid. Attract new viewers to make more money!

Are private calls paid?

Yes! As you gain more viewers you will receive more for broadcasts and private calls. There are no restrictions or hidden fees.

What are the coins? What are they worth?

Coin is the internal currency of the website. Users purchase them in order to pay you, buy gifts, and give paid likes. Coins have a fixed rate of $1 to 7000 coins. Currency is displayed in coins.

Where can I see my coin balance?

The number of coins in your account is displayed above the main menu. A full history of activity can be found in your chat room.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Currently, $20 is the minimum withdrawal amount.

How often can I withdraw funds?

We do not have any restrictions on how often you can withdraw money. You can request payment at any time, once you reach a minimum balance of $20.

What are the methods of withdrawal?

At the moment, you can use Bitcoin Wallet or Yandex.Money.

How long does it take to withdraw money?

The transfer usually arrives within 2-3 days.

Can I block a user?

You can blacklist a user to prevent them from bothering you. You may also unblock users at any time.

Can I prevent viewers from a specific country from watching my broadcast?

Yes. Disable one or multiple countries in the settings.

Can a user add me to their favorites?

Of course. Once a user subscribes to you, they will receive a notification when your broadcast goes live. All subscribers see their favorite broadcasts in a special menu.

Is it possible to broadcast from a mobile phone?

Yes, you can stream using our web app. It runs in a mobile browser and is fully compatible with all mobile devices.

Is there a free chat? Is it paid for?

By default all broadcasts are free. We ask users to pay only once the stream has 100 viewers or more.

What should I do if the camera does not work or the chat is frozen?

Restart the browser or the app first. If that doesn’t help contact our technical support team and describe the issue in detail. Attach screenshots if possible.

Contact Flirtymania+ Support.