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How our models are earning money

Paid Broadcast

As soon as there are enough viewers in your room, the payment counter automatically turns on and coins from the virtual wallets of viewers begin to transfer to your wallet.


Your fans certainly will want to please you! Any of the received virtual gifts can be exchanged for real money, just like the payment for the translations

Paid Likes

Every like from a wealthy user gives you a few coins! All your life you have received thousands of likes without benefits? Now everything will be different!

Earn more on Flirtymania+

Learn the simple and understandable conditions of cooperation and withdrawal and you can start! Do not worry about whether you will have the viewers on your translation, we will provide you traffic.


per month

Models average earnings

Everything is easier than it looks like

Quick start

Work without registration! We will not ask you for more information than you are ready to give. In order to get your first coins, you only need to collect more people in your chat room. As soon as the audience becomes interested, your account will automatically be replenished. Now everything is in your hands! Be creative, maintain the attention of fans and the reward will increase with every minute.

Everything is transparent

When exchanging 7000 coins, we give $1. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $20. This is the only restriction.


No fees and weekly withdrawals! All that you earned goes straight to your wallet, in order to withdraw your earnings, use a Bitcoin Wallet or a Yandex Money account.


Flirtymania+ is an erotic video chat where people from all over the world meet to have a good time. We are always glad to see beautiful girls and we are trying to provide comfortable working conditions for the models. Work from any place in the world. Combine it with work in an office or spend in a chat all day - depends only on your desire to earn!

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